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Weekly Dishes

We change our dishes each week. No boring Repetition!

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Source Fresh Produce & Cooked With Care.

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Reduce Kitchen Time & Maximize Family Time


What Changed

  • Missing family support
  • Unhealthy restaurant foods
  • Organized social life
  • Daily maid is lost

Our Promise

  • Balanced nutrition
  • Natural fresh ingredients
  • No preservatives & colors
  • Variety of home flavors

Your Benefits

  • Healthy family life
  • 20 Minute workout
  • Nurture smart kids
  • Early to bed & early to rise

We Sell Time and Health

Throw the guilt away of ordering outside food. Because now you can trust us with ensuring the same care a mother dedicates to her family.

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July 21st Sunday Morning 7 AM to 1 PM Delivery.

Ways to Order - Below are just examples when built from "Our Menu"


Estimate 1

2 Everyday Curries
2 Special Curries
4 paratha
20 chapathi

Serves 2 Adults for 5 Meals


Estimate 2

3 Everyday Curries
2 Special Curries
8 paratha
20 chapathi
1 Batter
1 Chutney

Serves 2 Adults + 2 Kids for 5 Meals

Free Delivery


Estimate 3

Host a mini party

3 Everyday Curries
3 Special Curries
12 paratha
20 chapathi
1 Chutney
1 Rice
1 Dessert

Serves 10 people/1 Meal

Free Delivery

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