Terms and Conditions:
We are a small business and doing everything possible with the right intentions. The terms and conditions section can become very elaborate in the future to protect the business from unintended mistakes, but for now below are some practical exceptions. We are your offsite cook, and things can go wrong just like they happen in your home kitchen. In case of any issues please contact us immediately and we will correct the situation to the best possible practical resolution.

1. Rarely curries orders may have to be substituted by us due to availability and quality of fresh produce on the day of shopping.
2. All products delivered contain no preservatives, and hence perishable. Therefore proper refrigeration is mandatory. We maintain the food below 40 degree F, during the entire process, and recommend you do the same. If for any reason you suspect the food might have gone stale, discard immediately, and let us know for a prompt resolution.
3. Credit card data provided to us is not stored in our servers, rather secured by industry standard entity Authorize.net. In case your data is compromised due to a high level threat from their site we will promptly guide you to our provider to get resolved.
4. Delivery times and schedules may vary due to traffic, weather or other conditions. In that case we will attempt to contact you and reschedule the delivery at your convenience.
5. Cancellations are accepted only until Thursday midnight prior to the delivery week/Schedule. Cancellations can be done via phone or email to 713-730-9967 or care @dhaniyas.com.
6. Products are made from natural ingredients that contain many allergens to some individuals, in which case we recommend you contact us for clarification, and do not assume the key ingredients listed is a complete list. We do cook in a facility that processes peanuts, tree nuts, and many other products that contain allergens.