High quality does not mean very tasty at Dhaniyas and that’s where it all starts. We use fresh and local produce when and where possible. We partner with local farms to source whats in season and grow some ourselves. We use whole ingredients like fresh sprouted beans and legumes, whole garam masala.

Preservatives, MSG, trans fat, artificial flavoring, food colors, stabilizers, thickening agents, corn syrup, hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated fats will NEVER be used in our kitchen.

Above all is our cooks with high ethical standards and trained on alternative techniques to minimize the use of excess fats and stick to whole ingredients, that are beneficial to our body by taking the extra effort and time to cook.

Home style food is something that offers nutrition and a well-balanced meal for the week. We tend to use less than 50% oil compared to restaurants and mildly cook vegetables to retain their benefits. I would agree restaurant, packed and frozen food does taste good in most cases, but the heavy flavors and fats creates an aversion to eating it often and will certainly cause health concerns in the long run.

We strive to serve mild but authentic flavors, that you can eat everyday all through the year without the fear of getting unhealthy. Also we collect family traditional recipes and try them out just like you would in your house (We try it in small scale on ourselves before offering on the menu).

Currently we are serving a limited number of zip codes in and around Houston. Click on  “Check if we are serving your Location” to find out if we serve your city.

We are also working to expand quickly and offer our services in other cities, so please check back often also subscribe to our newsletter below and based your zip code we will contact you as soon as we start delivering in your area.

Our general delivery window will be between Sunday 7:30 am and 1:00 pm. We will notify you via text before we arrive at your house. In case of unexpected issues and we face delays, we will inform you as well.

We have few options in this case:

  1. Provide a neighbors address where we can deliver. (Recommended)
  2. Leave a cooler outside your door / delivery area with some ice.
  3. For a $5 fee we can also deliver in a cool pack, that can stay cool for 2-3 hours outside your house.

Delivery is FREE with a minimum order of $55. But for customers who want something less, there will be a $8 delivery charge.

Our goal is to ensure each and every one of you  enjoy every meal you picked for the week, hence we will strive to write an accurate description. However with curiosity in tasting other ethnic dishes you may end up in a situation that may not be to your taste preferences. One of our goals is to encourage you to try many flavors create that unique experience, in case of a bad pick just let us know and we will take care of you with an extra dish in the following delivery of your choice. But don’t stop trying as it’s never going to be the same…..


We are focused on Indian vegetarian dishes, we offer a new menu weekly with a good mix of dishes from south and north India. We also provide several essentials that gets added on certain packages, or can be bought from the a la carte menu (Build your own package)

We have had many inquiries for this option as we all quite often get busy during the week and forget the Thursday 11:59 pm cutoff. So at this point we have an option to call or email us with your preference and we will send you a weekly confirmation email with our picks based on your preference and also have a link in your email for you to be able to go and modify your order. If we don’t hear from you we will take it as a confirmation and bring your meal on Sunday. Online subscription option is on our priority list and once ready we will notify you.

Dhaniya’s is proud to say that all of our food is prepared from scratch on Saturday night and delivered Sunday. But once the food is cooked we will cool it down to a safe temperature first and then pack them into individual containers. These packages will be stored at 37degree F,refrigerator temperature (We do not freeze or add any preservatives) throughout the delivery schedule to stay fresh and safe to consume per the FDA compliance.

Yes, it will stay fresh. But in some cases due to certain ingredients we will state a earlier best by date, to help you plan what needs to be finished earlier than later.

Proper refrigeration is required to ensure food stays fresh, and for any reason you do not think a certain dish is fresh, throw it away and let us know immediately.

Yes, you can and the container we deliver is freezer safe. But we recommend you only do this in exceptional instances, as we do not believe that frozen foods contain the nutrition our bodies deserve.

Store the food in a refrigerator immediately upon delivery. Certain dry foods like chapatis and parathas should be stored in refrigerator as well, but in a  well sealed container. The original packaging the food is delivered is appropriately selected to maintain freshness, so keep it stored in them. Even certain pickles are made with less oil and not for long shelf life, so we recommend you store in a refrigerator and consume them during the week.

Reheating the food is a breeze with our microwave safe containers. We would still recommend you to reheat on a  stove top with a pan. For curries, please add some water to bring them to a consistency you like, and also add extra salt to your preference.

Chapatis and parathas are best when reheated on a griddle, for about 15 seconds on each side.

Create a secure account at www.Dhaniyas.com, and place your order online. Your credit card information is secure as we are partnered with Chase bank to make sure we handle your information with top priority.

But if you wish to place your order via email or phone, we are flexible to handle that too. Contact us.

Absolutely yes. We encourage our customers to place the orders as soon as possible, but also realize life brings surprises. So anytime before the Thursday 11:59 pm CST cutoff, just send us an email to care@dhaniyas.com with any changes and we will make appropriate correction and confirm back.

Our next week menu is always listed on the home page at www.Dhaniyas.com. Every Sunday Morning the online ordering opens and closes at Thursday 11:59Pm for the Next Sunday delivery.

A 16oz box of curry is typically good for 2 adults and 1 Kid.